One of the problems that most of the bloggers encountered is being Mentally Blocked. I hate it when a certain idea popped out while I was doing something else and when I started to open my blog, I  suddenly forgot all those wonderful ideas that are worth sharing for. Yesterday I was able to think so hard and figure out this issue. I grab a notebook and write all the things that I wanted to blog about ,then an idea suddenly popped out! Why not make my own blog planner? I mean, it's more inspiring if you have  a personalized planner rather than to settle with a plain notebook right? So today, I'm going to show you my DIY Blog Planner using my old journal. 
This old journal of mine was sent by BDJbuzz last year, and I almost forgot it, good thing I cleaned my room and found this on my old box where I kept my files. Look how dusty and dirty the cover is, ew! Good thing, I found a free printable papers that can be use to cover this rugged journal. At the end of this post I will be posting the link for the  freebies that you might want to download. First things first, here are the materials you needed to create your very own blog planner.
  • GLUE

I detached the cover because I'm planning to divide it into two since my sister, the blogger behind Jongs Journey just started blogging and I want to replace her boring notebook to inspire her to write more. 
 I had removed the staple to divide it accurately. Removing the staple took me five minutes, whew!
I used scissors to divide it properly.
Tadah! equally divided. :)
These were the printed papers I'm telling you and it's absolutely free! Later, after this post you'll get to download cute printables for scrapbooks. My choices were the nautical pink and the red and blue.
Look how cute the printable banners are! I know you're pretty excited to grab yours as well, I'm almost done. I'm excited to share it with you as well. 

Found this on google and printed it. Supposedly these were meant for sticker paper but I don't have one so I've printed it using my sterling papers and would have to paste it wherever I wanted. My choices were the guitar and the cute little star with a Rock Star on it.
The last part was making an eyelet for the ribbon and I've used puncher for this.
And voila! I'm done! The content for my blog planner would be the blog title, photo ideas, inspiration/sources, Content Notes/Summary, Links, To Do List and where to share my post. Okay, here we go, as promise, here are the freebies that you might want to download. Ready? Here it goes..

If you want to download more just CLICK HERE, i guarantee you that all the pretty things  you see are absolutely FREE!.

Thank you Keren from Free Pretty Things For You for the lovely things you've shared and to Andrea of the Cottage Market.


Sweet Treat!

I've never mentioned here on my blog how I love eating, most especially when it comes to desserts! I love eating sweets when I'm stressed out, it helps me regain my energy. I'm actually avoiding this kind of food ever since I have given birth because I wanted to shape up and be back with my old figure. Unfortunately, there are things that we just can't avoid. Eating sweets can make me happy so why suffer right? I know most of you will agree, who doesn't love sweets anyway! So I went to Ice Giants last Friday for a meeting, and I was so happy that I’d get to eat my favorite “Chocolate Parfeit”.
plus extra chocolate chips toppings.
 I’m going to blog about the place soon since I've only took a snap shot of my orders since I’m in the middle of the meeting. Best way to eat it is to pair it with Fries/Chicken Nuggets.
I think I'm going to include a page on my blog where I can share my eating habit. What do you think? Let me know by leaving me a comment below. 

Happy Weekend! J


Baby Kendra's Milestone 1-3 months & a half♥

Time really flies so fast and because of that I have a new series here on my blog to give you an update of my baby doll. She's turning four month already on November 15, 2014 and I am delighted to share that she's starting to baby talk already. I've got to admit that during her 1st month it wasn't really that easy most especially during night time. As far as I can remember I only have 3 hours of sleep because she won't stop crying if I won't carry her. All night long, I was like "baby please let mommy sleep" and during day time I have to bathe her and change diapers, whew! I was like a zombie that time, thank God when she turned 2 months things started to change. I have 5 hours of sleep already, which is good thing right?  Fast forward, when She turned three months and started seeing things and responded with her cute little smile, It was a heaven for me!


Trick or Treat 2014

Time really flies so fast! I can't believe that it's been a year already. Last year's trick or treat  with my sisters and niece was fun and now that I have my baby with me is even more fun and exciting. I have told myself a year ago that if I'm going to have a baby I would make sure that we get to join activities like this. Fast forward, here I am with my cute little baby in her pink butterfly costume.


Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick Review

Hello beauties! Finally I've found time to blog again. Baby doll is currently sleeping at the moment, which means time for mommy doll to blog again. But before that, let me thank the person who's responsible behind my new blog layout. Thank you Janine dear! You just don't know how happy I am with my new layout. Thankee thankee! So now let's proceed with my review. I've mentioned on my 20 Random Facts that I used to hate red lippie right? but it's my favorite shade now. I have 8 shades of red lippies I guess but this was my first matte lipstick from Avon.
 I've always love matte lippies and when Avon launch their Ultra Color Matte Lipstick I couldn't resist myself from buying it. There were 6 shades but only 2 of them had captured my eyes. Shades of red! What drew my attention more was the affordable intro price which was P199.00 only, original price was P 379.00 good deal right? 
I actually bought these two last month,and I've been using it for a month already and I'm loving it! 

  • very sexy packaging
  • both are wearable on day time
  • it has a buttery mild scent which i personally love :)
  • very affordable price
  • It's wear time lasts for a maximum of 3 hours only and every time you drink or ate something you need to reapply again. 
It's still recommendable and would love to try the other shades as well . If I were to choose between the two, I'd go with matte merlot, it suits me well right? 
Q: Which do you prefer the matte or the moist lipstick?

Thank you for dropping by and for leaving me a comment sweetie! you just made my day! Feel free to leave your blog links so I can pay ur blog a visit. have a great day!

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