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Weekend at Coffee Prince! A place to Chill♥

If you're a coffee lover, I bet you have checked this one out already. I love how Coffee shops had started to evolve. Before, there's only Bo's Coffee and Starbucks, but right now, there are plenty of coffee shops already here in Metro Cebu. Apart from that, the usual serious ambiance had shift into delightful and child friendly ambiance. Why Friendly? 
The reason why I said it's child friendly because of it's cute ambiance. All the teddy bears around made you feel like you're an eight years old again. This is what Coffee Prince is all about. It doesn't just provide you something to eat and drink, but it provides you a whole lot of fun! 
What made it unique was the interior design. It looks like you're inside a boat because of the double deck structure where the seats located. 
I must say that this is one of the attraction in their shop. The famous love locks in Namsan Tower was brought here in the Philipines. It's really cute! It's really a must-visit if you're in a relationship. 
I can feel the Love of every couple who have locked their love away by just staring at it. :) Love is in the air! :)
The drinks and food there were a bit pricey but It's all worth it. Especially the mango Cheese cake and Tiramisu. For the drinks we ordered Caramel Frap and Mocha Choco Java Frap. It cost us Php 620.00 only ($13.86), which is all worth it, for  it provides us a wonderful experience. I along with my blogger sissy Joanna and my wacky little niece Kc had so much fun taking groufies! Here's a photo diary of our fun experience last week. 
Oh! By the way, there were cute props that you can use in taking photos as well. That's why my niece loves going back in here. It's her second time already yet, she's still very excited to visit it again. 
P.S, the lovelocks is not for free, you need to pay a Php 100.00 ($2.2)for the heart and the lock.
My whole experience there was so much fun! I must say that it's one of the "must-visits" here in Cebu. That's how I spend my weekend! How about you? how did you spend your weekend?

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Look 128: Pink like a lady

I always have this crazy feelings on anything that is pink. It always caught my attention, It's like a magnet to me! Everytime I see something pink, I'm always like "awe! �� too cute!" I'm even a hello kitty fan, not just because it's cute but also because it's pink. I'm such a pinkaholic! I guess most of the girls I knew loves pink. It's a symbol of feminity and toughness! :)
Actually, during my early twenties, I started avoiding on wearing them, because It made me look a little wider because of my body structure, but today's outfit post, I consider on wearing one since I'll be out with my younger sissy and niece. We will chill out at one of the coolest coffee shop here in Metro Cebu. I'll blog about it soon, for now, let me show you my pink like a lady ootd post.
I opted to wear my new jumpskirt for a change. As you can see on my previous ootd post, I always pick jeans as my bottom. I'm actually a little excited to wear this jumpskirt, just to see if I can still pull it off. What do you think? 
I finish it of with my new primadonna flats and accessorized it with my pink lacoste watch and my pink dotted sling bag. 

Pink Tee Mom's gift | bangkok Jumpskirt in KJHOA Cebu | Sm accessories pink dotted sling bag | Lacoste Pink Watch in KJHOA Cebu | black pink gold Primadonna flats |
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Look 127: Casual Friday

Hello Weekend! What a busy week indeed. Excuse the bulging eyebags since I have lack of sleep last night because of my baby doll. She's not feeling well due to her last shot of penta for her immunization. I have to monitor her from time to time just to make sure she won't be having a fever. Good thing She's fine and okay now. 
I opted to wear something casual for today's ensemble. It's been a while since I last posted my Friday OOTD. I can't even remember when was the last time. Good thing an officemate of mine was too kind to take my outfit shots after office hours. That explains the background, this was taken at the parking lot. 
I've got plenty of compliments today, I don't know why but the outfit made me look a little thinner. I bought the top just last Monday, at one of my favorite online shop, KJ Haus of Accessories. You can check his IG @kjhausofaccessories or KJHOA Facebook. You sure will find fashionable ensemble at a very low price! 
I accessorized it with my cotton on watch which my sister bought at cotton on hongkong. 
Have you noticed something? I finally cut my hair short. :) 
I did prefer leaving my left side a little longer than the right side. Just to add up a unique style which I can call my own. :)
Kjhoa Beige Cherry Polo | Thrifted Black Jeggings | Kjhoa Jimmy Choo Bag | Cotton On Watch | Sm Accessories Diamond Stud | Sundance Wedge |

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The Jolly Blogger Award♥

"Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!" Hey! Christmas is in the air already, I can hear different Christmas songs wherever I go. The twinkling of the Christmas lights and those enormous Christmas Tree in the mall or even in hotels reminds me how the time ticks so fast. Christmas is my favorite holiday season of all time, who doesn't love Christmas anyways! That's why today I will be talking about this Blog Award that was awarded to me by the very beautiful lady named, Chloe the blogger behind BeautybyChloe's blog. You can check it out HERE. Thank you so much dearie for this blog award! Anyways, before I'll answer the random questions, let me first nominate few of the bloggers whom I think deserves to be called "Jolly Blogger". 

I nominate. . .
  1. Jong of Jongs Journey 
  2. Tine of My Poetic Isolation
  3. Janine of  Lime & Life
  4. Jewel of Jewel Clicks
  5. Louise of The Legendary Ukayista
  6. Jenny of Itsmeeejennyy
  7. Alyssa of Alyssa's Diary
Jolly Blogger Questions and my Answers

1. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
On Christmas Eve! I'm always excited about it, that's why I usually opened it on Christmas Eve!
(photos from last 2012 christmas gifts)
2. Favorite Christmas Song?
Hmm.. Give Love on Christmas Day and Kasadya (it's a visayan song)

3. Favorite Christmas/holiday Movie?
Well I love Christmas Movies, but I think I'd go with Santa Claus 1-3 and Home alone! I love watching those on HBO most especially when Christmas is fast approaching.

4. Favorite Christmas decoration?
Christmas Trees! it makes me happy, most especially the gifts below it. hehe

5. Favorite Christmas Food?
Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pork) + sukang pinakurat (spicy vinegar) = Happy Tummy♥

 6. Favorite Holiday/winter drink?
Hot Chocolate with marshmallow topping! it's perfect for this cold season! :) Can't wish for more!

7. Snow or no snow?
Being in a tropical Country like Philippines, I always wish that there will be snow during Christmas! oh how I envy those on the movies wearing coats and boots, building a snow man or riding a sleigh! gee! Anyways, since we don't have that here Yes I'll definitely want it to snow :) I love to sing "Let it go!" during winter (imagining that we have winter here)

8. Do you send out cards or no cards?
I do send out cards, It's one of the things that I personally love doing. A for Effort! It's a little more personal :) 

9. Do you secretly still believe in Santa Clause?

Yes I do, Anybody can be Santa Clause. There's still a little space in my heart where I  strongly believe that there is north pole and when there's north pole there is Santa, and when there is Santa there are gifts! 

10. Your favorite winter clothing item?
One of the reason why I love winter! You get to wear boots, fur coats, bonnets and hand gloves! Which we seldom wear here in my Country. Only when there are heavy rains because most of the time, it's hot! :( Those were few of my favorite winter clothing item. 
11. One beauty product that you cannot be without this winter? 

Lip balm and Body Lotion! It helps you moisturize your body since too much cold can cause dry skin, and lip balm can prevent your lips from cracking. 

12. Best Christmas Memory?
I always consider that every Christmas is worth remembering. Opening gifts together with my family and going to church together to thank God for the gift of life. 

That's all! Those were the questions for this award. I hope you enjoyed reading my Jolly answers :) to those who haven't been tagged feel free to answer the questions and let me know! I'll be happy and excited to read your Jolly Answers as well! :)) ho ho ho! Advance Merry Christmas! 

If you post this award be sure to answer all the questions and link back to the blogger who awarded you, happy blogging!  ♥__♥

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